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MyPlayCity Solitaire 1.0

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In Myplaycity solitaire you have to combine all the cards from the deck into only two face-up piles. You start with the “vagabond” rank but you can raise it by completing games one by one. By clicking on the face-down deck on a card will flip card over. Dealt cards can be combined either with the card directly before it or the card three places before it. The chosen cards are combined if they are either of the same suit or of the same value. For example, a five of spades can be placed upon either another five of any suit or any other card of spades. To make a move you have to click on the card and then click on the card that you wish to combine it with. The cards will group in the cards position closest to the deck and the farthest card will be on top. If you wish to finish the game it will be automatically saved.
The game has no music, just sound effects that are nothing out of the ordinary. The graphics are ok, the cards have nice drawings but the picture that goes with your rank is quite ugly.
The game is easy to play but it is also very easy to get bored, there are solitaires that are really fun but this is not the case. On the positive side the game is totally free.

Review summary


  • Easy to play
  • Free


  • No music
  • Gets boring really fast
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